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2017 SREA Open Season: April 3 - May 31.

The Superfund Recycling Equity Act ("SREA") protects scrap processors from liability if their consumers' facilities become a Superfund site. However, SREA requires recyclers to take certain affirmative actions—one is conducting due diligence on the environmental compliance of your consumers' facilities.

ISRI makes it easier for members to get the reasonable care due diligence required to get under the SREA protective shield. Taking reasonable care will help protect your business from Superfund liability.

ISRI has consulted with numerous environmental consultants, legal professionals and the ISRI Board to try and determine what would be reasonable for the court to require you make inquiry at least every 12 months.  As such, it is essential for you to request updated SREA reports annually.

Get Your SREA Reasonable Care Compliance Program Reports to Protect Your Company.


$25.00* per report

The ISRI SREA Reasonable Care Compliance Program is an exclusive benefit of ISRI membership available only to ISRI members in good standing. Reports have a retail value of more than $1000 each but are being made available to ISRI members for a nominal $25.00* per report handling charge.

Once payment is received using the online payment system, a private password-protected URL link will be e-mailed to access ordered reports as soon as they are ready, beginning usually in August of the current year.

*Due to budget restrictions, ISRI can provide only a limited number of unique SREA due-diligence reports at the reduced rate of $25 per report. If the number of unique reports reserved exceeds the ISRI SREA Program budget, a computer logarithm will determine which requested reports can be provided at the discounted rate. ISRI will notify members which of their reports will be at the discounted rate and which will be available at ISRI’s wholesale cost, currently $300. At the time of purchase, members will have the opportunity to remove reports that cost $300 from their order.

SREA Importance

Because under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), when an initial polluter is unable to pay the clean-up costs of their pollution, the government can seek clean-up costs from firms that were deemed to have contributed to that pollution. This includes recyclers.

However, the Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) gave recyclers and exemption to these clean-up costs if they can show they took reasonable care to determine the environmental compliance status, as it applies to the recyclable material, of the facility to which the recyclable material was sent?

SREA Protection

By helping you get the reasonable care due diligence you are required to get under the SREA protective shield. Taking reasonable care will help protect your business from Superfund liability. Without it, or similar due diligence, you will not be protected from liability.