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The Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) Reasonable Care Compliance Program helps ISRI’s member scrap processors and brokers meet the due diligence required by federal law to help provide a valid defense to a Superfund liability claim.

ISRI utilizes the environmental expertise of URS Corporation and one of the largest regulatory environmental databases in the nation to provide members with affordable reports on the environmental compliance of consuming facilities.

These reports include publicly available, comprehensive environmental compliance information compiled from more than 1,200 federal, state, and local databases; FOIA requests; and facility questionnaires. It also includes supporting back-up data for the information in the report. While the reported retail value of these reports is more than $1,000 each, most of these reports are made available to ISRI members at an association funded rate of $35 (some exceptions do apply – see SREA Report Pricing section below).

Important Information for Ordering Your SREA Reports

  • SREA Reports should be ordered by scrap processors and brokers for every consuming facility recyclable materials are being sent.
  • Per industry experts and ISRI Board recommendations, SREA Reports should be ordered annually for each consuming facility recyclable materials are being sent.

Ordering SREA Reports

2016 SREA Reports may be ordered. The 2017 SREA Open Season has ended and the reports are being processed. It then takes several months for the reports to be compiled. Once the reports are completed (likely Fall 2017), ISRI members who placed orders will be notified and provided with unique login information to access the reports they purchased electronically.

At this point, ISRI members who failed to order SREA reports during open season will have the opportunity to purchase reports on consuming facilities that were ordered and prepared by during 2017 open season. Members will be notified when that time comes.


SREA Report Pricing

Most SREA Reports are made available to ISRI members for an association funded rate of $35.00 as demand allows.

Due to budget restrictions, ISRI can only make a certain number of reports available at this discounted rate of $35.00. After the order period ends, a computer logarithm is used to determine which reports are priced at the reduced rate. All other reports, deemed unique reports, are priced at $300.00 each. ISRI members will be notified of the cost of each of the reports ordered, but prior to being charged, once open season ends and the orders per site have been calculated. There is no obligation for members to purchase any of reports that were ordered during open season.

SREA Testimonial

“At our company, we feel it is extremely important to protect our future. By completing the SREA due diligence, we are doing our best to avoid a costly mistake down the road. Requesting the reports from ISRI allows us to take advantage of economies of scales and pay only a fraction of what it would cost us to order the data on our own. We than ISRI for offering this valuable service at a very reasonable investment.”

– Matt Kripke, Kripke Enterprises

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