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Youth Video and Poster Contest
Jason LearningISRI sponsors an annual video and poster contest for students that features recycling-related themes. The contest is co-presented with JASON Learning, a nonprofit organization managed by Sea Research Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The theme of the 2015 contest is automobile recycling and students in grades 5-12 are invited to participate.

The automobile plays an important role in our everyday lives. Have you ever thought about how many different commodities are needed to make all the parts that go into a car? Did you know that almost all these commodities are recyclable? Your challenge is to research one or more of the commodities that go into making a car and find out what happens to each commodity through the automobile recycling process and beyond.

Create an original video or poster in the style of an infomercial or awareness campaign to illustrate the process and challenges that go along with recycling your chosen commodity or commodities into a reusable form, and you could win a prize!

The submission deadline is January 15, 2015, and winners will be announced by March 15, 2015. For complete contest guidelines, prize details, and more information about automobile recycling, visit the contest page at

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