State Specific Policy Resources: Mississippi
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  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 17, Ch. 1, Subch. Limitations on Authority of Local Governments to Regulate Certain Auxiliary Containers; § 17-1-71 to § 17-1-75
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 17, Ch. 17, Solid Wastes Disposal, § 17-17-29. Penalties; injuction; recovery of cost of remedial action; disposition of fines
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 49, Ch. 17. Pollution of Waters, Streams, and Air; § 49-17-1 to § 49-17-45
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 17, Ch. 17. Solid Wastes Disposal
    • Solid Wastes Disposal
      • § 17-17-3. Definitions (ISRI note: "unauthorized dump" excludes "the careless, scattered littering of smaller individual items as tires, bottles, cans and the like." Rubber included as combustible "rubbish")
      • § 17-17-65. Local Governments Solid Waste Assistance Fund (ISRI note: allows consolidation of grants under this section with any grants provided under the waste tire management or right-to-throw-away programs)
    • Disposal of Waste Tires and Lead Acid Batteries; Right-Way-To-Throw-Away Program; § 17-17-401 to 17-17-445
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 27, Ch. 65, § 27-65-23. Miscellaneous businesses (ISRI note: 7% gross business income tax, includes exemption for "vulcanizing, repairing or recapping of tires or tubes")
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 57. Planning, Research and Development
    • Ch. 64, § 57-64-19. Intergovernmental cooperation and coordination; powers with regard to certain projects (ISRI note: restricts certain land uses near regional economic development zones, including tire recapping and retreading and recycling and salvage operations)
    • Ch. 75, § 57-75-5. Definitions (ISRI note: Mississippi Major Economic Impact Act; "project" definition subsection (xxiv) applies to existing tire manufacturing plants that meet certain criteria)
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 63. Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations
    • Ch. 3, Art. 3, § 6-3-111. Tires (ISRI note: definitions)
    • Ch. 7, § 63-7-67. Tires (ISRI note: tire standards)
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 65, Ch. 1, Art. 1, § 65-1-8. Authority and powers of the commission (ISRI note: includes authority over vehicle loads, types of tires, and width of tires)
  • Miss. Code Ann. Title 97, Ch. 25, § 97-25-4. Railroads; offenses committed on railroad right-of-way (ISRI note: includes dumping tires upon railroad right-of-way)
  • Miss. Code. Ann. Title 63, Ch. 21, Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 63-21-5. Definitions
    • § 63-21-33. Procedure upon transfer of title to or from dealers; records; duties of persons in possession of vehicles with improperly assigned titles; title to vehicles obtained by insurers upon payment of claims of loss
    • § 63-21-38. Requirements of scrap metal processor or used motor vehicle parts dealer when purchasing any vehicle or scrap vehicle
    • § 63-21-39. Procedure where vehicle scrapped, dismantled or destroyed; procedure where title for vehicle being transferred to used motor vehicle parts dealer or scrap metal processor is unavailable; obtaining title on vehicle with salvage certificate of title; Salvage Certificate of Title Fund; regulations (as amended by 2018 Mississippi SB 2277, effective 07/01/18)
    • § 63-21-40. Issuance of salvage certificates of title for damaged manufactured or mobile homes
  • Miss. Code. Ann. Title 63, Ch. 21, Article 2. Procedures For Forfeiture Of Vehicles Seized In Motor Vehicle Scrapping Or Dismantling Violations; § 63-21-101 to § 63-21-111
  • Miss. Code. Ann. Title 63, Ch. 23. Abandoned Motor Vehicles; § 63-23-1 to § 63-23-11


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