State Specific Policy Resources: Maine

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Auxiliary Containers

Electronics Recycling

Materials Theft

Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility

Recycled Content Mandates

  • Me. Rev. Stat. Title 38, Ch. 16 § 1615 Plastic beverage containers (reallocated from 38 MRSA § 1612) (as created by 2022 Maine LD 1497): Requires all plastic beverage containers distributed in a state by a deposit initiator or spirits manufacturer contain, on average and in the aggregate:
    • 25% post-consumer recycled plastic by 2026
    • 30% post-consumer recycled plastic by 2030
    • The initiator or manufacturer must pay a fee based on the percentage not attained
  • Me. Rev. Stat. Ann. Title 38, Ch. 24, Subch. 3, § 2146. Stewardship program for packaging, requires that payment schedules be adopted by rule by the DEP must incentivize the use of recycled content in packaging material, but does not set specific targets.

Scrap Yard / Junk Yard Zoning

State / Municipal Programs

State Superfund (no SREA equivalent)

Stormwater Permitting

Tire / Rubber

Vehicle Detitling / Dismantling

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