Safety Stand-Down Day 2017 Toolkit: Safe and Sound


ISRI’s Annual Safety Stand-Down Day
Safe and Sound: A Safe Facility is a Sound Management

SafetyStandDownAtlasOn Wednesday, June 14, companies are encouraged to shut down operations at least one hour during every shift to engage in safety education.  This year we are partnering with OSHA and encouraging ISRI members to consider undertaking at least one activity relevant to each of the three core aspects of a successful safety and health program: management leadership, worker participation, and a systematic approach to finding and fixing workplace hazards.

Management Leadership Tools

Management leadership is a demonstrated commitment at the highest levels of an organization to safety and health. It means that business owners, executives, managers, and supervisors make safety and health a core organizational value, establish goals, provide resources, and set a good example.


Find and Fix Hazards

A systematic approach to finding and fixing hazards is a proactive, ongoing process to identify and control sources of potential injuries or illnesses. This means establishing procedures to collect and review information about known or potential hazards in the workplace, investigating the root cause of those hazards, and prioritizing hazard controls.  


Worker Participation

Worker participation is meaningfully engaging workers at all levels in establishing, implementing, evaluating, and improving safety and health in the workplace. This means workers understand they are a valuable partner in making their workplace safer and are encouraged and able to communicate with management about hazards on the job.


Member Participation

More than 50 companies representing over 171 facilities participated in the ISRI Safety Stand-Down Day.  The companies utilized both ISRI and their own company information in taking time out of the day to discuss and re-affirm the importance of safe operations in the scrap recycling industry.

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