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Electronics are finding ways into nearly every available nook and cranny of our busy lives. From smart toasters to body monitoring clothing, electronics are small but incredibly complex combinations of materials that provide us a lot of new ways to enjoy and control the products we consume. Because of the remarkable series of manufacturing steps and labor inputs necessary to produce ever more sophisticated electronics, the costs have consistently risen over the years and that has given rise to a recycling and refurbishing industry that can boast a contribution to the U.S. economy of over $20 billion. Electronics recyclers repair, refurbish, and resell functioning electronics equipment to consumers who need a lower cost of entry into an expensive market place.

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The U.S. Electronics industry has shown tremendous growth over the last decade.  With more than 4.4 million tons of used and end of life electronics processed annually.


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ISRI Comments on SERI’s Version 3 of the R2 Standard

On behalf of its members, ISRI submitted comments in response to the latest version of the Responsible Recycling standard (R2). The comments focused on three major areas of the standard: the definitions section including co-location facilities; downstream vendor qualification; and the R2 Equivalent Categorization (REC). Please contact ISRI Chief Lobbyist Billy Johnson with any questions.

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