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Welcome to Scrap's eMarketplace, where you use the power of the Internet to seek, sell, and buy used equipment, new equipment, parts and supplies, scrap, and usables.

Here's what you need to know about Scrap's eMarketplace advertisements:

  • Listings cost $50 for each 50 words or fraction thereof, including contact information. Advertisements submitted without payment will not be accepted.
  • Two photos/graphics can be included with each advertisement.
  • All listings run for 60 days from the date of posting. Listings not renewed by the end of the 60th day will automatically expire and be removed from the marketplace.
  • IMPORTANT! Listings for scrap cannot include prices. Ads for scrap submitted with prices will have that information removed prior to posting.

You can submit your advertisement(s) in two ways--postal mail or e-mail. Simply follow the directions below:

  • To submit your advertisement(s) by postal mail, send your copy, photo(s)/graphic(s), and payment to:
    Scrap's eMarketplace
    Attn: Kent Kiser
    1615 L St. N.W., Suite 600
    Washington, DC 20036-5664

    ***Don't forget to include payment with your materials. Please make checks payable to Scrap Magazine.***
  • To submit your advertisement(s) by e-mail, follow the four easy steps below:

1) Enter your advertising copy here.

(Remember: Ads for scrap cannot include prices)

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2) Attach any photo(s)/graphic(s) to accompany your advertisement(s).

Remember: Two photos/graphics are allowed for each 50-word listing. All visuals must be submitted in either .gif or .jpg format. (Where possible please limit to 270 dpi resolution and 2 by 3 inches.) 

Note: You are not required to submit photo(s)/graphic(s) with your advertisement. If you do wish to submit an image, simply click the "Browse" button and select your image file.

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