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R2v3 Update

By Corey Dehmey, Executive Director, SERI

CoreyDehmeyClose to 500 comments were submitted to SERI on the proposed changes to the R2 Standard. The public comment period has now closed and the process of reviewing the comments has begun. The largest category of comments received was in regard to data security requirements which accounted for 20 percent of the comments submitted, followed by the R2 Equipment Categorization document (REC) and the downstream recycling chain.

SERI’s R2 Director, Sean De Vries, is compiling the feedback received in preparation of the upcoming meeting of the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC will be meeting in Austin, Texas on June 19 & 20 to begin its review. This meeting will be open to the public for those that are interested in observing the process. Any members of the public interested in attending the TAC meeting, must pre-register with SERI. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  

The TAC will review all comments submitted and based on the information suggested, determine if any changes to the proposed R2v3 standard are needed. Where changes are deemed necessary, the TAC will draft revised language, which will subsequently be posted for public review and comment. After considering all comments, a summary of all comments received, and the corresponding actions taken on each, will be published on the SERI website.

Transition plans for companies to upgrade to the final R2v3 Standard are being developed and will be published soon. Multiple auditor training sessions are also being prepared to coincide with the release of the new R2v3 Standard.

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