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Functional Reuse Specification Committee Update

By Mathew Young, Electronics Division Functional Specifications Committee Chair

The Functional Specifications committee has completed our first specification, which details the functional standards for Desktop Computers. I would like to thank everyone who contributed their time and expertise to help complete this specification.

The committee has developed a format that is flexible, and will be able to adapt to new technologies as the product stream evolves. Special focus was given to ensure that the standard is able to be adapted into existing processes with minimal effort. The principles and conventions that were established should facilitate additional specification development, easing the committee’s development of specifications for additional product categories.

The committee’s next work will be on defining the functional specifications of LCD Monitors. I would like to thank George Hinkle, and the team at ARCOA, who have volunteered to lead this effort. We will be leveraging the format and conventions that we have already developed for the desktop specification, and working in a small group to develop the draft of the document. Once a draft has been completed, we will be bringing it to our entire committee for their feedback.

The committee is looking for subject matter experts to drive the development of other product categories. Please reach out to Matthew Young if you would be interested in leading the development of other product class standards. 

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