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Message from the Paper Division Chair and PSI Chapter President

LindaLeoneLeonardZeidPaper recycling rates were up in 2018 but getting the rest of the world to understand that has been a struggle. We’re still facing new import restrictions popping up through channels such as the Basel Convention or from new alternative markets such as Indonesia and India deciding to restrict imports as their logistical and manufacturing infrastructures scramble to adapt.

ISRI and its PSI Chapter are working together to with Western Michigan University as it offers a Fiber Recycling Course again in late July 2019. This is a multi-day course that goes from soup-to-nuts about paper recycling. Last year, attendees came from a variety of business such as Green Bay Packaging, WestRock, Apple, and Amazon. There will be a networking dinner and brewery tour as well.

We are expanding the continued success of our annual bowling tournament to include a multi-faceted entertainment experience. We wanted to expand the fun and networking for all to help raise funds for the youth supported by our industry. Coming up soon, we have our summer Board of Directors meetings in Washington, DC. We are taking a deep look into how we can improve our synergy and move forward to tackle the challenges facing the recycling industry as a whole.

The heat is turning up and so we’ll start things with our safety message on heat awareness.

Linda Leone, ISRI Paper Division Chair
Leonard Zeid, PSI Chapter President

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