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State Legislative Roundup

By the end of the month over half the state legislatures will have adjourned for the year; these final days of a session can be the most important, as conference committees and substitute amendments can quickly change bill language before passage. ISRI makes it easy to view the bills and regulations targeting tires and rubber (as well as our report focused on synthetic turf legislation) along with other commodities and issues on our State Resources and Tracking pages.

Synthetic Turf
After relative quiet in the opening weeks of 2019, bills banning or restricting synthetic turf and recycled rubber infill returned in Connecticut, New York, and Maryland. ISRI members have testified against bills in Connecticut and Maryland and are watching for movement on competing measures in New York, but compared to previous sessions, the appetite to push legislation that conflicts with the findings of existing, peer-reviewed scientific studies appears to be waning.

While six bills in three states is an improvement over previous years, these all still represent threats to the environmental and economic benefits of tire recycling, based off claims that are not supported by the available scientific findings.

Enacted Legislation                                

  • Georgia HB 31 & HB 30: Appropriations bills containing funding for clean-up of scrap tire piles and promotion of statewide recycling and waste reduction programs
  • Oklahoma SB 878: Creates new definitions, modifies the used tire recycling fees, adjusts fund allocations, changes compensations for used tire processing to reference a "tire-derived product" instead of crumb rubber,  prohibits transport of tires in violation of rules.
  • Arkansas HB 1902: Amends definitions, allows submission of tire data manifested using paper documentation, adjusts quarterly disbursements from the Used Tire Recycling Fund.
  • New York AB 2008: Budget bill; Part E extends tire management fees until 12/31/22 and provides for an updated market analysis of outlets for waste tire utilization including recycling and energy recovery, but not including incineration.
  • Utah SB 46: Amends how tire transporters and recyclers are reimbursed for the removal of tires from abandoned tire piles and landfills.
  • Utah HB 126: Amends definition of crumb rubber to change maximum particle size from 3/8" to 3/4", requires that tire transporters only deliver tires to recyclers in accordance with statute or regulations.
  • Arkansas HB 1362: Tasks the state's Compliance Advisory Panel with assisting state and local officials in implementing, administering, and funding the collection, recycling, and disposal of extra-large tires, and earmarks $300,000 for this purpose.

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