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Stormwater Guidance and Other Information Readily Available for Members

Since the beginning of industrial stormwater permitting in the early 1990s, ISRI has assisted members with stormwater management and permit compliance.

ISRI has long recognized that stormwater management is the most-far-reaching environmental compliance issue because it affects every aspect of recycling operations. Efforts started in the early 1990s with ISRI’s Industry Group Permit and continued with a detailed stormwater guidance manual in the mid-1990s. ISRI’s Group Permit gave way to the first Federal Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) in 1995 and state general industrial stormwater permits.

In the mid-2000s, ISRI reinvigorated its stormwater efforts with a stormwater research program. The research program examined the previous 15+ years of industry stormwater management experience (Phase I) and the industry’s current experience (Phase II). The research program identified gaps in knowledge about stormwater at recycling facilities, including stormwater runoff characteristics and effectiveness of stormwater best management practices and controls, sought to fill those knowledge gaps, and developed updated guidance based on the new information.

The results of the recent stormwater research program are available to ISRI members (member login required). Members seeking plain-language stormwater management guidance should consult the Phase II Stormwater Control Manual (Document 2I). Other posted files provide more-detailed and technical information for interested members and/or their stormwater consultants.

Members may find that they have different stormwater management options and need a way to make a decision based on expected performance of those options, among other factors. For this reason, ISRI arranged for the development and use of a special industry-specific version of WinSLAMM, a well-known computer-based stormwater model, to simulate expected option performance. Available only from ISRI, this model can be downloaded, installed, and run on a computer without a special software license. Several posted files provide information about this model (2D-2E, 2G-2H) and the model itself (2F). Use of this model likely requires a consultant because the model is highly technical and requires significant facility and stormwater management option data to use.

Questions about ISRI’s stormwater and other environmental resources should be directed to ISRI Chief Scientist/Director of Environmental Management David Wagger at (202) 662-8533.

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