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NCSL Spotlights Recycling at Capitol Forum

Last week, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) invited ISRI Chief Economist Joe Pickard to join other panelists in a discussion of the impact Chinese import restrictions have had on the recycling infrastructure in the United States, with a focus on paper and plastics commodities.

TNCSLCapitolForum300he Capitol Forum is an annual meeting where key state legislators and staff come to lobby Congress and develop NCSL's agenda for the coming year, providing a rare chance to speak with policymakers from across the country.

Despite having more than an hour budgeted for the primarily Q&A-focused session, questions still had to be cut short as there were numerous questions asked by some of the more than 40 attendees about new market opportunities in India and elsewhere, the impact on supply and demand, ways in which MRFs and municipal recycling programs could decrease contamination rates, how states could encourage the development of new markets, and many other issues.

For more details on the session and ISRI's outreach with NCSL and other state policymaker organizations, contact Danielle Waterfield.

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