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ISRI Supports Proposals for Submission to the REMADE Institute on Recycling of Electronics, Batteries, and Paper

Last week, ISRI strengthened its involvement in the REMADE Institute and recycling research through commitments of in-kind support on three proposals to be submitted early next year in REMADE’s second round of funding, Project Call 2.0.

ISRI is partnering with universities, companies, and other trade associations to develop project proposals addressing three important recycling issues:

(1) improving separation of plastics and precious metals during recycling of used electronics;

(2) gathering needed data on fires at recycling facilities to enhance the recycling of lithium and lithium-ion batteries; and

(3) development of a model framework for simulating and analyzing the market and technological dynamics of U.S. fiber recycling, with a primary focus on paper and paperboard recycling.

The Project Call 2.0 process started last week with submission of Letters of Intent and project summaries. The process continues through early-mid February 2019 with the submission of final project proposals for review and potential selection by REMADE for matching funds. Selected full proposals can receive up to $500,000 in REMADE matching funds; exploratory proposals, up to $100,000.

ISRI will announce the selection of any of these project proposals for REMADE funding. If any is selected, ISRI will provide in-kind support of the project through staff time and activities. ISRI will likely reach out to ISRI members for information necessary for project success.

ISRI members can participate directly in and benefit from REMADE projects by becoming REMADE members, especially during Project Call 2.0 when project proposals are still being developed and, in some cases, in search of partners.

If you have questions about REMADE, you can find more information at the REMADE website or contact Chief Scientist/Director of Environmental Management David Wagger at (202) 662-8533.

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