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New Features to the ScrapTheftAlert.com

Suggested by the Materials Theft Task Force, a new feature has been added when registering with ScrapTheftAlert.com. Registrants can still opt to receive alerts from up to five zip code areas or can now opt to receive alerts from up to five states.

This is a change from the past when new registrants could only receive alerts from one state. This will assist recyclers with operations in multiple states. This should also be a bonus for law enforcement officers near state borders or those belonging to task forces.

Current users of the system can also take advantage of this upgrade. Users can log in to the site and hit the cog in the upper right corner next to your email address. This will take you to your registration where you can check the block to receive alerts from multiple states. Once done, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the ‘Save’ button.

For more details, contact Director of Law Enforcement Outreach Brady Mills.

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