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ISRI Participates in Basel Convention Working Group Meetings

ISRI’s Senior Director for Government Relations & International Affairs, Adina Renee Adler, is in South America this week and next week to participate in Basel Convention working groups and to reach out to industry partners and members about recycling industry trends in the region.

The Basel Convention’s Expert Working Group on Environmentally Sound Management is meeting this week in São Paulo, Brazil, to finalize guidance documents on recycling, informal sector, EPR, and other topics that will be available for Basel Convention members that are looking to improve ESM within their own legislative structure. ISRI provided comments to the document on recycling and supports the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) on some of the other topic areas. Also, while in São Paulo, Adina is meeting with representatives of the aluminum and steel industries (which include ISRI members) to reinvigorate our collaboration with those organizations and to gain information on recycling and consumption trends in Brazil.

Next week, the Basel Convention’s Expert Working Group on Review of Annexes is meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to continue scoping the feasibility of revising the 30+ year old annexes concerning disposal operations and the products covered and not covered by the Basel Convention. Of particular concern are several proposals put forth by the European Union, including

  • To recategorize certain recycling operations (e.g., dismantling, sorting, crushing, compacting, pelletizing, shredding, etc.) as treatment, thereby subjecting these operations to the Convention’s informed consent procedures for all wastes; and
  • To bring under the Convention’s jurisdiction wastes with aluminum, tin, cobalt, and other metal “compounds” (which has not been defined).

This meeting will not result in final changes to the Convention, but ISRI will continue to actively engage with Convention parties – in partnership with BIR and the U.S. Government – to ensure our industry’s interests are represented.

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions.

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