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ISRI’s MRF Council is developing Single Stream and Multi-Stream Inbound Scrap Specifications to help MRFs and Municipalities discuss the types of items that should be in a curbside recycling program.

When completed, these specifications will join ISRI’s Guidelines for Inbound Curbside Recyclables for MRFs. In addition to these efforts, ISRI has joined with NWRA, SWANA, and other stakeholders to develop a program that communicates to the public clearly what should not be put in the curbside bin.

The program will discuss common contaminants such as batteries, plastic bags, diapers, shredded paper, clothing, and food/organic materials. The program will portray these items as recyclable but should be done through other methods such as retail takeback programs. When taken together both of these initiatives will help municipalities and the public understand the challenges MRFs have in cleaning up the inbound stream and what should and shouldn’t be put in the curbside bin.

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