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Chairman’s Corner

As this will be the last edition of eScrap Beat in 2018, I would like to start by wishing all of you the very best as we head into the holiday season and New Year.

ISRI hosted two workshops at the eScrap Conference in New Orleans. The first session focused on proper handling of batteries that we encounter in our regular work day. The second session was a panel discussion by ISRI member members in the forefront of the asset recovery and recycling industry. They identified best practices for business owners of electronics recycling companies. The workshops were hosted by Craig Boswell of HOBI International and Jim Levine of Regency Technologies and included an impressive group of industry panelists. We had well over 200 attendees at the two sessions and the feedback we received was excellent. The focus of these sessions was to present relevant content by industry experts willing to share their knowledge and experience so that attendees would actually benefit from attending. The goal was for attendees to leave the sessions with something useful and practical that they could take back to their companies and fellow employees to improve their businesses.

Planning for the national convention in April has begun. In addition to the Spotlight on Electronics, we will offer three additional sessions:

  • Certification with a focus on issues facing scrap yards wanting to become R2 / RIOS certified;
  • An intensive training session on the best practices for proper battery handling to include various chemistries of batteries; and
  • Maximizing values in the reuse channels by exploring the current reuse issues facing electronics refurbishers/recyclers.

Below is an update from Craig Boswell on the proposed changes to the storage of lithium-ion batteries that were being proposed by the ICC. Craig and ISRI staff are working tirelessly to understand the impact the proposed changes will have on the industry and our members. We have interacted with other trade associations to identify and put together a unified message opposing the changes with relevant reasoning. We met with numerous manufacturers and retailers that will be negatively impacted if the changes are approved to develop strategies. ISRI staff attended and presented our comments and concerns at the most recent meeting of the ICC in Virginia.

During the fall board of directors meeting in Charleston, it came to our attention that the Department of Commerce and Bureau of Industrial Security had introduced a proposed regulation to ban the export of used electronics. The publicized rationale behind the proposal is based on counterfeit electronic components and its impact on national security issues. The stated reasoning for the legislation to ban used electronics from export would prevent counterfeit parts from showing up in the military supply chain. While the proposal is well intended, implementation of the ban would not achieve the desired results and would ultimately impose undue financial and operational burdens on legitimate certified recycling facilities. Billy Johnson has provided an in-depth review of the proposed regulation changes and an update on ISRI’s strategy to prevent passage further down in this newsletter.

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that Billy Johnson has taken a seat on the R2 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and will be ISRI’s (your) official representation on the TAC. We are also fortunate to have a number of our members serving on the TAC. The R2 standard is at a pivotal point right now, as SERI prepares to rollout a new version which is required every five years by ANSI. Being sure that we have a voice on the TAC is a critical part of the development of the standard as it changes to meet the demands of our ever changing industry.

The Specifications Committee is continuing to move along under the direction of Matt Young of Electronics Value Recovery. We hope to have significant updates for you in the first quarter of 2019. It is a daunting task moving into uncharted waters with the writing of specifications for reuse, but it is something that is desperately needed in the industry and long overdue.

The Division continues to hold bi-weekly conference calls and participation continues to grow. The calls are a great opportunity to listen and participate in the discussions regarding current issues we are facing as an industry. These calls are designed to keep members abreast of topics we are working on in real time. The calls also give members an opportunity to present current issues they are facing that could impact the industry and our members. The meetings are open to all members and if you are interested in joining in on the calls please contact Billy Johnson or myself to be included in our next email reminder.


George Hinkle, ARCOA
ISRI Electronics Division Chair 

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