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Chinese Government Confirms Import Ban for 2019

The Chinese Government’s official news publication, Xinhua, posted an article this week about the Government’s intent to implement the next phase import prohibition beginning on December 31, 2018.

After checking with authorities, we can confirm there is no new information, and the article references the official announcement that was made in April.

For reference, the Chinese Government will prohibit imports of the following scrap materials:

  • Slags from iron and steel production: HS codes 2618.00.10.01, 2619.00.00.10, 2619.00.00.30
  • Post-industrial plastic scrap (8 product lines): All HS codes under 3915
  • Shredded auto parts: HS 7204.49.00.10
  • Scrap metal and electrical appliances for ferrous recovery: HS 7204.49.00.20
  • Scrap metal and electrical appliances (including small motors and wires) for copper recovery: 
    HS 7404.00.00.10
  • Scrap metal and electrical appliances  (including small motors and wires) for aluminum recovery: HS 7602.00.00.10
  • Vessels for shipbreaking: HS 8908.00.00.00

For our members involved in nonferrous scrap processing and trade, the copper and aluminum products are the “Category 7” nonferrous materials that traditionally made up a large proportion of nonferrous scrap imports into China and confirms what we have come to know about China’s intent to eliminate import that require additional processing. In other words, commodities processed from metal and electrical appliances that are “smelter-ready” can be imported into China as the commodity and not subject to the rules imposed on “solid waste” imports if they are no longer scrap. This same principle applies to plastics, which in scrap form will be entirely banned from import into China regardless of the source.

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions. 

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