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ISRI Well Represented at Southeast Recycling Development Council 2018 Summit

We once again welcomed the opportunity to support the Southeast Recycling Development Council (SERDC) at its annual summit this week in Charleston, SC.

The conference draws attendees not just from the recycling industry but also from local governments from around the southeast region. I spoke about the economics of recycling, drawing attention to the three main collection streams, factors that influence a healthy recycling supply chain, the challenges our industry is facing, and how we are adapting to a changing markets.

Speakers from ISRI members Waste Management, Pratt Industries, and WestRock as well as consumers Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Owens-Illinois, and Evergreen Packaging provided perspectives on the flow of materials through recycling streams and the opportunities for greater consumption of recyclable materials.

Senior Director for Government Relations & International Affairs Adina Renee Adler was also asked to speak specifically on China and what are the potential silver linings from their regulatory changes. She drew attention to our industry’s resilience in finding new markets, our industry’s competitive advantage in being able to meet growing demand for higher quality, and the fact that China is still hungry for commodities already recycled.

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions.

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