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China’s Customs Agency Publishes List of Approved Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies

China’s General Administration of Customs (GAC) published the list on November 7 of pre-shipment inspection agencies (PSIA) approved to conduct pre-shipment inspections on scrap materials prepared for export to China.

Although any company may apply to be an approved PSIA, only two of the 21 approved PSIAs are not CCIC satellite offices.

Noticeably absent from the list are CCIC offices based in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Far East (Russia), Mongolia, Russia, and the Europe branch offices in Spain and Hungary.

Although no further details were provided by the Chinese Government, it is our assumption that scrap exporters based in countries without a PSIA will have to approach the closest office of jurisdiction. We know for certain that the CCIC office in Mexico City has closed, forcing Mexican recyclers to obtain pre-shipment services from CCIC North America’s offices in the United States.

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