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State Legislative Update

Now that Election Day has passed, legislators in many states will begin prefiling bills for the 2019 session.

You can easily keep track of bills and regulations targeting tires and recycled rubber using the commodity and issue reports on ISRI's State Resources and Tracking page, or check the state specific pages to see what changes impacting the industry passed this year.

California AB 2908 was vetoed on September 30 after a long series of hearings and amendments since it was introduced in February. As it passed the legislature, instead of repealing the existing Rubberized Pavement Market Development Act (as in previous versions), AB 2908 would have extended the program to January 1, 2020, operating alongside a new Tire Recycling Incentive Program. However, the incentive program still would have blocked synthetic turf infill, loose rubber nugget or mulch playgrounds, TDF, and several other products.

Recyclers should note that Governor Brown's veto message was focused on the requirement for 50% of the incentive payments to go to local governments for paving projects, not the targeted exclusion of certain recycled rubber products. The veto directed the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to recommend an incentive program as part of its next budget.

Barring any surprises from the four states still in regular session, AB 2908's veto caps a year in which bills targeting funding for synthetic turf died in Maryland and Massachusetts, along with moratorium bills in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

If you'd like to find out what changes could impact your company, visit ISRI's State Policy page or contact Danielle Waterfield if you have any questions about the system or legislation impacting your state. ISRI has also added summaries of ISRI's Positions to the State Policy page as well as live legislative and regulatory reports to the State Resources and Tracking pages to make keeping up-to-date in your state easier, and will be adding more resources in the coming year.

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