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Infrastructure Package Includes Opportunity for Rubberized Asphalt

President Trump’s infrastructure spending package worth well over $1 trillion will be addressed in the 116th Congress beginning in January 2019.

Both political parties in Congress and the White House want to enact a large infrastructure package before the 2020 elections to help alleviate the nation’s transportation woes and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure including roads and bridges, waterways and dams, railroads, electricity, and communications as well as worker training. With the Democrats taking control of the House and the Republicans retaining control of the Senate, there may be very different legislative vehicles to reconcile before heading to the president for his signature. While some of the priorities may be different, the sticking point will be financing this large spending package which will include some mix of tax increases, bonds, matching funds, and block grants. At this year’s ISRI’s fly-in, transportation and infrastructure were key topics as we explained the disruptions to the industry from the lack of sufficient transportation capacity for rail, trucks, and the crumbling infrastructure. Additionally, we stressed the need to deploy more recycled materials in these infrastructure projects such as rubberized asphalt and recycled steel, plastics, and aluminum. We will be continuing this push to improve our nation’s transportation system and use recycled materials whenever possible. 


Contact ISRI Chief Lobbyist Billy Johnson with questions or how you can advocate on behalf of the industry.

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