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China Nonferrous Recycling Conference Focuses on the Future of Recycling in China

The China Nonferrous Metals Association Recycling Metal Branch (CMRA) is holding its annual convention this week in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The theme is “New Start, New Progress and New Development,” with a focus on how the Chinese recycling industry is adapting to “new challenges to the industrial development” at a time when One Belt One Road and Made in China 2025 “are advancing in depth.” A number of senior officials from the Chinese Government will be speaking about China’s overall green growth and their support for the development of recycling capacity within China.

ISRI Senior Director for Government Relations & International Affairs Adina Renee Adler is at the conference speaking about the U.S. recycling industry’s adaptation to the new market conditions and future trends in recycling capacity and technology. ISRI Member David Chiao of Atlanta-based Uni-All Group is representing BIR and speaking about trends in the global recycling industry. Representatives from the Middle East and Japan will also give their views as well a range of Chinese processors and consumers discussing industry trends. The U.S.-China trade war is also expected to be discussed in terms of the impact on Chinese manufacturing.

Please contact Adina with any questions.

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