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ICYMI: ISRI in the Global Press

ISRI continues to play a prominent role in shaping public understanding of the state of recycling and the role China played as a trigger to the changes taking place in the industry.

The September 29 issue of The Economist included a leader and a six-part Special Report on waste and recycling. ISRI spent several hours with the journalist, who admitted his mistake in not crediting ISRI with the work we did to provide information and data on recycling, China, technology, and other themes that shape our industry.

The Financial Times published a feature-length report on October 26 about China’s impact on the recycling industry. ISRI also provided data and information to support the journalist’s research and is quoted about half-way through the article. It is an extremely thorough accounting of how the global recycling industry is faring in these changing times. 

Finally, last weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an update to previous reporting on China, this time focusing on Chinese investment in overseas recycling operations. ISRI is cited as the source for data. 

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