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Keep up to Date with the Metals Theft Laws in Your State

Seven states amended their metals theft laws this year with changes to recordkeeping, licensing, and other provisions governing the purchase of metals and other materials, such as the new addition of vehicle batteries to Missouri's metals theft law.

That's why ISRI makes it easy to keep track of all the latest requirements with the State Metals Theft Law Database.

ISRI built the database as a public resource to help visitors understand the web of laws across the states and combat some of the inaccurate information floating around on the web. You can access pre-made and custom reports on provisions such as payment restrictions and documentation requirements and easily compare the provisions between states. Members also have access to the state metals theft law summaries and legislative tracking through ISRI's State Resources and Tracking page.

If you or your team would like a walkthrough of these or other resources, please contact Danielle Waterfield or Justin Short.

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