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Massive Infrastructure Package on Hold Until 2019

The President’s infrastructure spending package worth well over $1 trillion won’t be addressed until after the 2018 mid-term elections. However, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently released a set of principles and some legislative language in an attempt to outline the spending priorities and set out markers for various interests such as highways, airports, waterways, electricity and communications.

The bill was shepherded through the House committee by its retiring chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA). Depending on the outcome of the 2018 mid-term elections, either the Republicans or the Democrats will chose the next chairman and ranking member to guide the committee through the next two years when the infrastructure spending package will be the nation’s largest legislative vehicle ever. At this year’s fly-in, transportation and infrastructure were key topics for ISRI as we explained the disruptions to the industry from the lack of sufficient transportation capacity for rail, trucks and the crumbling infrastructure. Additionally, we stressed the need to deploy more recycled materials in these infrastructure projects such as rubberized asphalt and recycled steel, plastics, and aluminum. We will be continuing this push to improve our nation’s transportation system and use recycled materials whenever possible. 

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