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U.S. and Mexico Announce Deal for a Renegotiated NAFTA

The U.S. and Mexican Governments announced they reached a preliminary agreement on a renegotiated NAFTA – pending the return of Canada to the negotiating table. Although the agreement itself remains confidential, the U.S. Government’s fact sheet includes a few provisions that could be impact North American recyclers:


  • Automobiles must be at least 75 percent made in the United States and Mexico;
  • Procedures for establishing and enforcing North American content for automobiles and other finished goods will be streamlined for ease of certification but also to prevent duty evasion by companies outside of North America; and
  • Import restrictions on “used goods” and “remanufactured goods” will be prohibited.

Canada has returned to the negotiating table this week, and the Trump Administration hopes to notify Congress of the new deal by the end of the week. Before Congress takes action to ratify, the agreement will be made public, at which time ISRI will have a better opportunity to analyze it for opportunities and/or challenges for the recycling industry.

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