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Chairman’s Corner

The Summer Board and Governance meeting was held last month in Washington, D.C. and the Electronics Division meeting was very well attended. The summer meeting is also when members take part in the “fly-in” where ISRI members have the opportunity to go and meet with members of Congress and their staff to discuss issues that are pertinent to our industry.

GeorgeHinkleWe had a number of division members take part in the fly-in and were able to meet with a number of people on the Hill. The act of meeting with members of Congress and explaining our issues allows us better access in times of need. Keeping our industry front and center in the halls of Congress is incredibly valuable to our industry. I encourage each member to attend next year’s fly-in. It is time and effort well spent.

Future Meetings

As in years past, the next Electronics Division meeting will take place at the E-Scrap Conference in New Orleans. We will send meeting info as it becomes available and hope all of you will make time to attend the meeting.

As justification of our influence in the industry has grown, the Electronics Division will be holding our winter meeting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. This is a unique experience to work with manufacturers and preview new electronics that will be in the marketplace in the near future. The host, CTA has even scheduled a tour for Division members. Come on out. Can never visit Vegas too many times in a year!!!!

Get Involved at National and Local Chapter Level
While we bring ISRI meetings to our members by having the meetings scattered throughout the country, each and every company and employee should strive to make an effort to attend at least one full Board of Directors meeting each year. These meetings are a fantastic way to interact with members from all divisions while getting an in depth look and understanding at what ISRI is about and what membership does for your business and employees. Local Chapter meetings are a great way to step your toe into the wide world of ISRI, and as we all know, all politics are local. Please make a special effort to attend as many Local Chapter meetings as possible. These meetings groom future leaders and are a breeding ground for solutions to problems as they appear, often before the issues bubble up to national level. Our Chapters are the boots on the ground to meet the complexities and realities of our industry.

Looking Ahead
Once again, our industry is facing a number of challenges. Changes in Turkey, China, and other Asian countries, tariffs imposed by China on scrap imports, tariffs imposed on certain products by the United States, and recent trade disputes in Dubai with neighboring countries are all having an impact in various ways on our business. E-scrap plastics are incredibly vulnerable right now with Asian markets closing while North American and European facilities race to open. There will be a lag in getting loads into these new companies and prices seem to be towards negative values. As always, if we can keep our commodities cleaner, we can generate more interest and higher prices. ISRI staff is well aware of the issues and has been working tirelessly to keep abreast of constant changes to make sure our voice continues to be heard. Last month ISRI hired a firm in China to assist us in monitoring what is happening on the ground to keep us up to date on any and all changes. Adina Renee Adler has made numerous trips to China this year and continues to work hard representing our members in all commodities in all countries.

Issues or Concerns?
Do you have questions, concerns, or a particular issue that is impacting your business and need assistance or guidance? If so, please reach out me. ISRI can only help if it is aware of a problem.


George Hinkle, ARCOA
ISRI Electronics Division Chair 

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