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Legislative Update

Most states have ended their 2018 sessions (or gone on hiatus for the campaign season), but even if your state legislature has adjourned, special sessions and prefiles for 2019 require a watchful eye to ensure recyclers can continue to operate.

To keep up to date with the latest changes, visit ISRI's State Metals Theft Database or check the active bills and state metals theft law summaries for your state on ISRI's State Resources and Tracking pages.

Enacted Metals Theft Amendments

Continuing the trend of crossover between metals theft and vehicle dismantling provisions, Missouri HB 1832 changed the state's metals theft law to add specific commercial batteries (motor vehicle, heavy equipment, or tractor batteries) to the materials covered, and to change general "metal" and "scrap metal" references to "material."

Wisconsin, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Kansas also passed amendments to state metals theft laws in 2018; ISRI's state resources have been updated to reflect the amendments.

Bills Nearing Passage

Illinois HB 5056 was sent to Governor Rauner on June 29; under state law, the governor has 60 days to act, after which it will become law without his signature. The bill amends scrap processor recordkeeping requirements under 625 ILCS 5/5-401.3 related to recyclable metal valued at $100 or more (vehicle code, but it also includes purchases of recyclable metal separate from the metals theft statutes under 815 ILCS 325) to specify that the photocopy or electronic scan of the seller's ID must be in color, along with other changes directly impacting the vehicle detitling and dismantling requirements.

California AB 2676 also appears to be nearing passage; it has already passed the Assembly and cleared its Senate committees on August 7. The bill would extend the current requirements on recyclers and junk dealers applying for or renewing a weighmaster license until January 1, 2024; the provisions were set to expire at the end of this year. For a summary of the requirements, see ISRI's California Metals Theft Law Summary.

If you'd like to find out what changes could impact your company, visit ISRI's State Policy page or contact Danielle Waterfield and Justin Short if you have any questions about the system or legislation impacting your state. ISRI has also added summaries of ISRI's Positions to the State Policy page as well as live legislative and regulatory reports to the State Resources and Tracking pages to make keeping up-to-date in your state easier, and will be adding more resources in the coming year.

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