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Message from the Tire/Rubber Division Chair

Greetings all, and I hope this finds you well, and perhaps rested after a summer break. Last month ISRI held its Summer Board and Governance Meetings in Washington, D.C. Since the meetings were held in the nation’s Capital, we had the opportunity to participate in ISRI’s Summer “Fly-in.”

The Fly-in provides ISRI members the chance to visit our House and Senate members and staff on Capitol Hill. This year, all the talk was about infrastructure spending and what Congress’ plans are to help revitalize our nation’s decaying transportation system. This issue is a perfect one for recyclers to talk about as these projects use a tremendous amount of recycled materials. As tire recyclers, our focus was on educating our policy makers about the positive benefits of roads that incorporate rubberized asphalt. This includes lower life-cycle costs, reduced maintenance, and improved safety over traditional asphalt pavements. While our meetings were generally positive, it was clear that meaningful action is going to take a lot of work. Things generally don’t move quickly in Congress and will require repeated visits. Through this process we will need to develop relationships that will give them confidence that ISRI should be their primary source of information on the matter.

This is where you come in. While ISRI staff will do most of the behind the scenes work at the Capitol, it’s up to us to schedule office visits over the summer while our elected officials are back home in their district offices. The process is deceptively simple, just schedule an appointment and tell them your story: the size of your company, how many people are employed there, what you do, and why using crumb rubber in road building projects will be good for the nation’s infrastructure and your company. If you are not sure how to schedule the appointment, or what to say, just contact the folks at ISRI and they will step you through it. They have all the resources you need to help make your visit a smooth one.

We are all aware of the challenging times our industry is going through. As we have many times before, we must continue developing new markets to ensure our businesses thrive and are successful. I don’t think any of us doubt the potential benefits widespread use of rubberized asphalt can have on our industry. It’s up to us, with ISRI’s help, to make that happen.


Kyle Eastman

Chair of the Tire and Rubber Division 

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