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Recycling Gets Supersized in L.A. at NCSL

Approximately 70 ISRI member volunteers came together at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit's Exhibit Hall Luncheon last week transforming the space into ISRI’s own private exhibit hall devoted to showing legislators all facets of the recycling industry.

ISRI added an interactive experience both on the exhibit hall floor as well in the real world with an offsite facility tour. The more than 2,000 legislators and legislative staff attending the Summit were inundated with the ISRI message throughout the week. In the general exhibit hall, located just off the red carpet directly across the hall from the General Sessions entranceway was a huge blue bin plastered on the doorways adjacent to the ISRI exhibit booth. With the intriguing message “If you think this is BIG …” The signage was an enticement for attendees to peak behind the doors and see the large-scale recycling industry come to life.

The ISRI West Coast Chapter led by Chapter President Robb Cohn of Spectrum Alloys, LLC went all out to tap into the diverse interests of policymakers by creating both a virtual and real-life recycling experience for state policymakers. With the ISRI "Bigger than the Bin" banner serving again as a backdrop guiding attendees back to the luncheon, visitors were greeted first by a life-size dragon made of all scrap metal sourced by a local artist working in partnership with ISRI members that was staged just in front of a large material handler. Thanks to the generosity of Liebherr, legislators could operate it virtually this year using the Liebherr simulator. Commodity displays included a trailer with a crushed car staged under the grapple supplied by the local Bejac/Liebherr dealer, and all the various commodity grades that come out of the shredder, bales of non-ferrous, plastic and paper, along with a beautiful park-like setting featuring products from recycled tires along with information on rubberized asphalt. 

The following day, policymakers witnessed recycling in action at a facility where massive shears sliced through a delivery truck. Attendees got to climb up to the operator’s cab of the massive electric Liebherr ship loading crane, and watched how crushed cars are stacked in wait for ultimate destruction by the company’s 9,000 horse-power mega shredder. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Jeff Farano at SA Recycling, ISRI was able to accommodate the overflow crowd for the tour that left everyone in awe. To sum it all up, “this tour was the best part of the NCSL Summit,” says New Mexico Senator Bill Soules.

ISRI could not have done this without the effort, planning, and participation of all the contributing ISRI members and we would like to thank all of the members who donated their time and resources to bring the recycling industry to life this year at the 2018 NCSL Legislative Summit and making it such a tremendous success!

For questions or information on how to get involved in the 2019 Legislative Summit, please contact Danielle Waterfield.

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