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ISRI Provides Industry Perspective on India Recycling Policy

In front of a distinguished lineup of Indian government leaders, ISRI Chairman Brian Shine spoke at the International Conference on Sustainable Growth Through Material Recycling: Policy Prescriptions that was organized by the Indian Government and the Materials Recycling Association of India (MRAI).

Inda_200The conference is being held this week to provide guidance to the government’s finalization of a national recycling policy, and given ISRI’s close partnership with MRAI, the government was particularly receptive to Brian’s remarks and learning about the U.S. industry’s experience. Brian talked about the key ingredients of a successful recycling industry, including recognition that scrap is not waste, free and fair trade, use of ISRI Specifications, and responsible recycling. 

Senior Director for Government Relations and International Affairs Adina Renee Adler gave a technical presentation on the ISRI Specifications and RIOS™. As she spoke on a panel that included representatives of India’s Ministry of Steel and the Bureau of Indian Standards, there was a general agreement that ISRI Specifications continue to be a cornerstone of scrap trade with India, but the industry requires better alignment and understanding of the ISRI Specifications by the Government of India. 

ISRI Members also participated. In a discussion about the infrastructure needs of a well-organized recycling industry, DJJ’s Chris Bedell and EMR’s Murat Bayram provided overviews of their companies’ structures, and they offered some practical suggestions for facilitating recycling infrastructure development. 

The conference takes the Indian government one step closer toward a national policy intended to promote recycling, create jobs, and improve the environment. Although timing is uncertain, we believe that within the next couple of years, more opportunities for scrap trade with India and recycling within India will be created. 

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions. 

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