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The Latest Issue of Scrap Is Out Now

The July/August issue of Scrap is on its way to your mailbox, but you can read the digital edition now.

This issue features a cover story about changes in the aluminum scrap stream. It also has a big wrap-up of the ISRI2108 convention, including plenty of photos and a recap of the main events.

Other stories in this issue include

·         Advancing asphalt rubber roads

·         Robot-assisted sorting equipment

·         Reimagining the ISRI Safety and Environmental Council

·         Tips for managing risk with temporary employees

Coming up in the September/October issue are stories about vehicle detitling woes, the challenges of recycling black plastics, scrap’s role in aluminum smelting safety, paper sorting technology, and more.

For more information, contact Scrap Editorial Director Rachel H. Pollack at (202) 662-8543.

Scrap subscriptions are free for employees of ISRI member companies. To get your own digital and print subscription, e-mail subscriptions@scrap.org.

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