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ISRI Meets with Local Governments to Discuss Curbside Collection Issues

Last Thursday, ISRI met with recycling administrators, processors, and related trade associations representatives at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments to discuss issues on recycling markets and how to navigate future contracts.

Administrators from the DC metro area met with representatives from Waste Management, Republic Services, and the Maryland Environmental Service. Bernie Lee of ISRI, Jesse Maxwell of SWANA, and a representative of MSF Consultants gave presentations about recycling markets to provide context as to why rebate programs and fees have been upended in recent months. The discussion generally centered on the recyclability of various products and how to inform the consumer of how to recycle in such a way to improve the public-private partnerships being severely tested due to sweeping trade policy changes occurring in the global market. One of the takeaways is that contract language and inbound material guidelines are even more important now than they have been in the past.

There was some interest in the Inbound MRF specifications but many of the administrators appeared more interested in trying to discuss specific terms with each of the processor/haulers. The company representatives tried offering basic solutions like the elimination of glass from the material stream.

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