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ISRI Meets with CCICNA Leadership in Los Angeles

Last week, ISRI Chair Brian Shine and I met with CCICNA's headquarters in Los Angeles and obtained clarification on a number of issues of importance to members.

CCICNA clarified that it is now their policy to split the expenses incurred during a single trip by an inspector among all the facilities visited. As a result of questions raised by ISRI, CCICNA has now printed their policy of sharing costs on their quotation sheets. In addition, CCICNA indicated its continued concurrence with China's General Administration of Customs to accept RIOS™ (or ISO) as a prerequisite for export licenses. Lastly, with the elimination of China's acceptance of self-inspection by previously approved recyclers, CCICNA has been trying to hire additional inspectors to address the expected increase in demand for pre-inspection services.

One of the reasons for the meeting with CCICNA is to ensure that a channel exists to raise questions and issues that continue to arise regarding pre-inspection procedures. ISRI members are encouraged to contact me or Adina Renee Adler with any questions they may have or problems that occur during inspections.

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