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Krishnapatnam Port in India is Ready for your Scrap

ISRI staff met last week with the director of the Krishnapatnam Port, which is located on the east coast of India. Because India continues to be one of the recycling industry’s most important scrap export markets, the meeting was a unique opportunity to learn about India’s only privately-owned port.

The managing entities have invested in deep-water dredging, loading/unloading equipment, storage facilities, and connecting transport networks to better facilitate port of entry procedures. That includes installing radiation detection equipment that can do up to 80 scans per hour and resulted in the Indian government eliminating the PSIC requirement for metal scrap from the United States entering India through Krishnapatnam and five other ports. 

The port director is reaching out to scrap exporters to share information about the port and discuss potential incentives for using Krishnapatnam as a port of entry into the Indian market. If you are interested in learning more and meeting with the port director when she returns to the United States in September, please reach out to Adina Renee Adler

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