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CCIC Reportedly Double-Charging for Travel Costs

ISRI has received reports that CCIC North America's inspectors may be collecting travel reimbursements for the same travel from multiple companies in the same region.

According to the Chinese government's new pre-inspection procedures published on May 28, CCIC inspectors must be on-site for inspections, including witnessing the container's closing and seal. As CCIC only has three offices in the United States, travel costs are incurred, which must be paid by the company booking the inspection. Although companies that book multiple inspections in one trip may have a process for distributing those costs, we are learning that if an inspector has inspections booked by more than one company, then each is being required to pay the same amount of one airfare, hotel, etc.

ISRI sent a letter to the director of CCIC North America requesting his immediate attention to this matter. In the meantime, please question the travel charges with the inspector and, if necessary, be in contact with other companies in your area. We will notify membership as soon as we hear back from CCIC.

Please reach out to Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions or additional reports of abnormal activity.

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