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ISRI Keeps Some Products Important to Recycling off Trump Administration’s Final Section 301 Tariff List

The Trump Administration announced last week the final list of products from China to be assessed a 25% import duty.

Several equipment parts imported from China for use in recycling operations were included in the original announcement on April 6, and ISRI responded by submitting comments to the Administration to have them removed. 

As a result of ISRI’s advocacy, the following products are not facing tariffs:

  • 84798955 … Electromechanical appliances with self-contained electric motor, trash compactors
  • 84798965 … Electromechanical appliances with self-contained electric motor, nesi
  • 84799045 … Parts of trash compactors, frame assemblies
  • 84799055 … Parts of trash compactors, ram assemblies
  • 84799065 … Parts of trash compactors, container assemblies
  • 84799075 … Parts of trash compactors, cabinets or cases
  • 84799085 … Parts of trash compactors, nesi

Of the products that ISRI commented on, those that will face 25% import duties beginning July 6 are:

  • 84799000 … Parts for the machinery of heading 8474
  • 85051910 … Flexible permanent magnets, other than of metal
  • 85052000 … Electromagnetic couplings, clutches and brakes

Unfortunately, it has come to our late attention that 84799094 has been used to categorize imports of auto shredder wear parts. This category is on the final list and will be subject to the import duty.  We understand that these products are mostly sourced from China, potentially impacting the equipment manufacturers as well as the end-users. ISRI is exploring advocacy options to minimize the risk to our members. The Administration plans to publish instructions on applying for an exclusion from the tariff list.

Furthermore, the Administration has proposed an additional list of Chinese products that could face tariffs that will have to go through a public comment period before tariffs are imposed. The new list includes two additional equipment items:

8609…Containers (including containers for transport of fluids) specially designed and equipped for carriage by one or more modes of transport. This would include metal storage bins.

8705.10…Special purpose motor vehicles, other than those principally designed for the transport of persons or goods (for example, wreckers, mobile cranes, fire fighting vehicles, concrete mixers, road sweepers, spraying vehicles, mobile workshops, mobile radiolog; mobile cranes). This would include mobile cranes and electric material handlers.

There is an expectation that China will retaliate for these tariffs, but their published list does not include any items that affect the recycling industry’s business with China. 

Please contact Adina Renee Adler with any questions.

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