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How Can Tax Reform Benefit Your Business?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 represented the first comprehensive tax reforms passed since 1986 and resulted in significantly lower corporate and individual tax rates and doubled the depreciation allowances for capital among other improvements.

Now that we are six months into this new tax landscape, ISRI wants to remind members of how the law can benefit their companies.

ISRI fought hard for many provisions within this new law that will help improve the profitability of scrap recyclers and usher in new sorting and separation technologies for better quality commodities, more fuel-efficient equipment that reduce energy costs, and deploy improved safety devices making scrapyards safer. In addition, these reforms help scrap processors, brokers and traders, and equipment manufacturers better compete against global competitors. ISRI hopes your company is able to enhance operational and processing efficiencies through the new provisions within the law.

For more information about this law, or how it could benefit your company, contact Billy Johnson.

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