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Today is ISRI’s Annual Safety Stand-Down Day

ISRI members are encouraged to participate in this year’s annual Safety Stand-Down Day (SSDD) by shutting down operations for at least one hour on every shift today to engage in safety education.

The safety education can be in any form, including:
  • Employee training;
  • Management walk-around;
  • Addressing company’s safety policy;
  • Toolbox talks by employees;
  • Presentations by equipment service providers; and or
  • Any other effective safety training method.

Members are encouraged to forward any picture of their SSDD activities which will be posted on the ISRI Safety website. Facilities participating in Safety Stand-Down Day will also be recognized on the ISRI-OSHA Alliance web page, and will receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment to safety. 

Find additional information and resources at ISRI SSDD 2018.

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