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SREA TASK FORCE Spurs Increase in Orders and Increased Participation in SREA Program

So far this year, 192 Member companies participated, a 19% increase over 2017. Participating companies ordered 8,118 due diligence reports, a 16% increase over 2017. Revenue increased to $324,680, a 19% increase.
This great performance reduced the net ISRI subsidy to $98,000, a decrease of 37%.

Since this is the first year with Keramida, a joint critique with Keramida is planned to determine what items can be improved to make the system better and easier to use. Members who participated will be asked for input on both positive and negative experiences with the system to be included in the critique.

Stephen Moss, chairman of the SREA Task Force is scheduling a short Task Force meeting during the July Board meeting to discuss performance and path forward. Although significant improvement has occurred, Member participation represents only 25% of the 768 Members who could benefit from utilizing the program.

For questions on how to provide feedback contact John Day or Elnaz Torabian.

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