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Message from the Paper Division Chair and PSI Chapter President

Battling policies and rapid changes in consumer behavior have been creating waves of uncertainty for our industry. We’re constantly on the alert for news from the governments of the major recovered paper market producers and consumers.

As the new term of ISRI leadership has begun, let us say welcome and let’s find a way to steer this boat together to calmer waters. In the process, we want to be sure we preserve a lot of the progress that recyclers have made over the past several decades, by refocusing on quality.

To that end, the new integrated Paper Stock Specifications are published and took effect in May 2018.

Also in this edition of the Paper Beat, we will have reports from ISRI staff on industry intelligence gathered while on the ground in China, state legislative issues that may have an effect on your operations, and a summary of the current state of trade policies to help you navigate an uncertain landscape.

Before we move on to the news content, let us introduce you to our new Paper Division and PSI Chapter leadership.

Paper Division

  • Chair – Linda Leone
  • 1st Vice Chair – Myles Cohen
  • 2nd Vice Chair – Don Majka
  • Secretary – Ray Oge
  • At Large – Tamara Mayberry
  • At Large – Kathy Delano
  • At Large Bob Cappadona
  • Associate Member Advisor – Michael Timpane

PSI Chapter

  • President – Leonard Zeid
  • Vice President – Linda Leone
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Ray Oge
  • At Large – Tamara Mayberry
  • At Large – Morris Friedman
  • Past President – Myles Cohen
  • Safety – Jerry Sjogren
  • Events – Kathy Delano
  • Communications – Nancy Womack
  • Membership – Joel Litman & Myles Cohen
  • Specs – Shawn State
  • Scholarship – Nini Krever
  • Government Affairs – Sue Robinson
  • Associate Member Chair – Jim Keefe

Brian Shine and Myles Cohen are our respective Executive Committee Liaisons. We’re excited to have such direct involvement with the ISRI leadership.

Bernie Lee is our ISRI Staff Liaison and feel free to reach out to him as the first point of contact for any of your questions and concerns.

Thanks again for your participation and let’s move some paper.


Linda Leone, Paper Division Chair
Leonard Zeid, Paper Stock Industries Chapter President 

Paper Beat

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