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ISRI Delivering on the Message of Quality

Well before trade issues with China were on the radar for most, ISRI was an established, trusted source for media outlets, both trade press and mainstream media. Through expert analysis, on-the-ground intelligence, and market data and research, ISRI is the go-to organization for the media.

IMG_2323In 2018 alone, ISRI has garnered nearly 1,000 media hits in print, television, and radio just on issues triggered by China’s recent actions.

ISRI media coverage has included major news outlets and has spanned the globe. This includes mentions in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, BBC, NPR, CGTN, China Daily, and Shenzhen Daily.  Just this week, a reporter from The Economist met with staff at ISRI’s Offices for a briefing on a broad range of issues related to the industry, many of which focused on paper. We also had meetings this week with PBS’ Frontline, and Nikkei, Japan’s largest economic/financial newspaper. These are all long-term stories that we hope will come to fruition over the next several months, but could have a huge impact on pushing out our messaging. 

Included in ISRI’s standard messaging with reporters is the importance of the use of ISRI scrap specifications, the critical importance of quality in the residential recycling stream, the crucial role demand plays in recycling markets, and the numerous economic and environmental benefits of paper recycling. These messages will continue to be a central part of ISRI’s media strategy in the month’s ahead.

ISRI often gets requests from the media to interview paper recyclers and tour facilities. A number of ISRI members have already volunteered to participate and help drive ISRI’s messages. If your company is willing to be contacted by the media on this issue, please reach out to ISRI Senior Director of Communications Mark Carpenter. The more members that participate, the stronger our voice will be on these issues.

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