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Changes to the Paper Stock Specifications

ISRI, through the Paper Division & Paper Stock Industries, voted unanimously to update the paper stock specifications, including the Preamble section of the purchase agreement guidelines.

This change clearly lists items that are considered “prohibitives,” and therefore should not be included in recycling. For the first time it now includes new “ZERO TOLERANCE” language on contamination. Zero Tolerance, which the new preamble defines as:

“Any material that contains any amount of Medical, Organic, Food Waste, Hazardous, Poisonous, Radioactive or Toxic waste and other harmful substances or liquids.”

Other significant changes included the converging of the domestic and export transaction specifications, making it easier for recyclers to do business on a global basis. Also an updating of the moisture allowances on outbound shipments from processor to consumer.

The updated version of the ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular is available for download.

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