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ISRI Members Working on TPO Plastic Auto Bumper Covers Market

Since late last year, ISRI and the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) have been working collaboratively in helping to determine the feasibility of creating markets for TPO plastic auto bumper covers.

Several ISRI members have supplied test bales to PLASTICS members based on a long standing ISRI TPO auto bumper cover scrap specification. This spec was developed by the ISRI Plastics Division’s specifications committee. Using the spec, the PLASTICS members were able to successfully sort and process bales of TPO auto bumper covers into a specification grade feedstock, proving that the material is a viable feedstock which may have dedicated markets for it. For its part, not only has ISRI supplied the material to be tested and created the spec which was used in the trials, it has developed workshops about the project at the 2018 Plastics Recycling Conference and at the Society of Plastics Engineers 2018 AUTOEPCON conference.

The project has advanced to a stage where we are looking for more members that would be interested in participating. For more information, please contact Jonathan Levy.

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