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Legislative Update

Only 12 states are still be in their regular legislative sessions, though several will inevitably be back for special sessions through the summer and fall. Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Arizona have already passed amendments to their metals theft laws, and several more may soon follow suit.

To keep up to date with the latest changes, visit ISRI's State Metals Theft Database or check the active bills and state metals theft law summaries for your state on ISRI's State Resources and Tracking pages.

Enacted Metals Theft Amendments
Oklahoma HB 2950 makes important changes to several provisions, including recordkeeping, reporting, and payment requirements, as well as changes to the specific restrictions on vehicles and copper.

In Wisconsin, SB 488 adds tribal ID cards to the acceptable seller identification under the state's recordkeeping requirements, while SB 246 clarifies that scrap metal processors must follow the same rules as motor vehicle salvage dealers when purchasing a motor vehicle for scrap or salvage and repeals the special vehicle purchase provisions from the state's metals theft law.

Arizona HB 2307 creates a new provision allowing scrap metal dealers and automotive recyclers to purchase a vehicle without a title if it is at least 10 years old, subject to numerous recordkeeping and reporting requirements. It also adds a new definition for a "scrap vehicle" (vehicles that have already been reported to NMVTIS and flattened, crushed, baled, or logged) to the state's metals theft law as part of the definition for ferrous metal.

Arizona SB 1209 makes a much more minor change; it repealed the requirement that the Department of Public Safety submit a report to the legislature every 2 years identifying registered dealers.

Bills Nearing Passage
Missouri HB 1832 was originally focused on credit card scams, amendments would add specific commercial batteries (motor vehicle, heavy equipment, or tractor batteries) to the state's metals theft law and change general "metal" and "scrap metal" references to "material". The bill has passed the legislature and is currently awaiting action by the governor.

Illinois HB 5056 is nearing a final vote as well. The bill amends scrap processor recordkeeping requirements under 625 ILCS 5/5-401.3 related to recyclable metal valued at $100 or more (vehicle code, but it also includes purchases of recyclable metal separate from the metals theft statutes under 815 ILCS 325) to specify that the photocopy or electronic scan of the seller's ID must be in color, along with other changes directly impacting the vehicle detitling and dismantling requirements.

New Layout and Resources for Recyclers
ISRI redesigned its website, and we also have new tracking tools for our members; make sure to update any bookmarks and let us know if you're having any problems finding material with the new layout.

The State Resources and Tracking Pages have been revamped with live legislative and regulatory reports for each state as well as select commodities and issues, such as vehicles and materials theft. You can sort these reports by last action or alphabetical order, search for specific bills or sponsors, and much more; contact Justin Short if you'd like to learn more about these features.

If you have any questions or concerns about pending legislation or regulations or the existing requirements in your state, you can always access the tracking tools and information on the State Resources and Tracking pages or contact Danielle Waterfield or Justin Short.

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