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Chairman’s Message

This is my first chairman’s message to you since having been selected to serve as the chair of ISRI’s Nonferrous Division and I’m truly honored to serve in this position.
On behalf of our division’s new leadership, including First Vice Chair Randy Goodman (Greenland America), Second Vice Chair Kevin Lamar (Dynamic Metal Services), Secretary Marvin Finkelstein (Kripke Enterprises), and Executive Committee liaison Gary Champlin (Champlin Tire Recycling and ISRI Chair-Elect), allow me to express how much we are looking forward to working with you to address the challenges and opportunities facing the nonferrous metal recycling industry. I would also like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Matt Kripke for his exemplary service and leadership of the division over the past two years.  We are also extremely grateful to have such an excellent group of At-Large Executive Committee members: Stephen Moss (Stanton A. Moss), Gary Curtis (Schupan & Sons), Tony Levin (Ferrous Processing & Trading), and Andy Cohen (Metal Conversions). But in order for this division to be truly successful, we need your participation! As we all know, there is no shortage of challenges facing our industry right now including China and the shifting global market landscape, logistical and transportation bottlenecks, and our industry’s on-going consolidation to name just a few. I strongly encourage you to contact me or ISRI staff liaison Joe Pickard to become a member of the Nonferrous Division in order to make your voice heard! I also encourage you to join us for our next division meeting to take place in July in Washington, D.C. where ISRI’s nonferrous specifications, the latest trade developments, and other key items will be on the agenda. In the meantime, please let us know if you would like to become a Nonferrous Division member and please don’t hesitate to bring any matters to our attention that the division should address. Thanks very much and I look forward to seeing you in Washington in July!


Andy Wahl
Nonferrous Division Chair

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