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Indonesia Imposes 100% Pre-Shipment Inspection on Fiber Imports

ISRI has learned that starting April 1, the Indonesian government began implementing a 100% inspection policy at the supply’s origin as a requirement for recovered paper exports to Indonesia. It is our understanding this is a policy impacting the global recovered paper industry.

The new procedures are outlined in a notice from inspection company, Cotecna, including differing procedures depending if the materials are all in one yard or if they come from multiple local or distant yards. Total weight and container details have to be provided within four days to the inspection office.

This situation will create burdens on exporters in terms of time, cost, and storage. More importantly, along with last week’s announcement on Vietnam, this measure confirms what ISRI worried could happen – with China’s import restrictions in place and materials diverting to new customers in Southeast Asia, these governments look to be considering imposing burdensome import restrictions and requirements that will challenge the industry’s ability to recover from China’s shrinking market.

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