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News from Vietnam Regarding Import Restrictions

ISRI obtained a copy of a letter that the Tang Cang-Cai Mep International Terminal sent to shipping companies announcing restrictions on paper and plastic scrap from all supplier countries.

This notice comports with rumors that Vietnamese customers had no more room for imported materials and that the build-up of containers of recovered paper and plastic scrap diverted from China were causing delays at Vietnam’s main import terminal.  The restrictions include:

  • Starting June 15, all recovered paper and plastic scrap cargoes are required to have valid import permits and a letter indicating the date the container would be picked up by the domestic customer.If those documents are not included, then the containers must be diverted elsewhere;
  • From June 25 through October 15, the port authority will stop accepting containers of plastic scrap;
  • From June 25 through October 15, the port authority will continue to clear containers of recovered paper as long as they comply with the requirements in the first bullet.
  • On October 15, the port authority will review the situation and issue further guidance as needed.

ISRI is confident this is more to do with port capacity constraints and not a permanent regulatory shift, but we will be vigilant about watching these developments and, as always, provide you updates as they come in. 

Please contact Adina Renee Adler if you have any questions.

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